“Band Nerds is from Dallas and they have got something super f*ckin special, y'all you better recognize!”


“Nerds are cool. We know that. Hip hop’s cool. So, why the heck wouldn’t hiphop/rock group Band Nerds be cool too? Answer’s easy. It is!”


““Miserable,” Band Nerds To these ears, the blend of rap and angsty rock knows no middle ground. But despite the six-piece’s public devotion to Linkin Park and other bands that tend to irk, these guys pull off the hybrid sound quite effectively on “Miserable.””


“I’ve just listened to Don’t Love Me by Band Nerds. One word: FIRE.!! This song is art. It combines fast paced rock with the raw flow of rap. This songs talks about not being ready to love.”


“Rock-rap group brings inspiration from an unique combination of sounds. Punchy lyrics combined with high energy performances create a recipe for success.”


"In my opinion, they were on a completely different level and could cross cultural, racial and socioeconomic boundaries in a way most of these artists couldn’t fathom."

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Tour Information

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City/Country Location Date Tickets
City/Country Location Date Tickets
Dallas, Tx Renos Chop Shot 10/20/2017 At The Door
City/Country Location Date Tickets
Dallas, TX Trees 11/1/ 2017 At The Door




Our Music

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Glass House (Pain)
Kill Us All
Miserable (Clarity Sample)
Zombie (Wake The Dead)

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