Nerds and the Hive  

I’ve hit a point in my musical career where I feel like I’m not angry anymore. I used to battle some mental demons, that’s the reason for a lot of my writings. My spare time is usually spent assisting with the mental health needs of the NERD community. I used to see another band’s success or another person’s material possessions and instantly turn into the “player hater’s ball” in my head.  

Now I see things differently. I realize that all those times I was lounging around sleeping, binge watching shows, wearing only work and sleep clothes & being completely unproductive; I was going to die a worker bee. I figured out that staring at my phone wouldn’t make the changes in my life I wanted.  

I needed to use this phone as a tool. A tool to shape my life the way I wanted to instead of wasting my life with it. I started by deleting all the games off my phone. If I have time to play games, then I should use that time to be productive. One of my favorite motivational speakers is Eric Thomas. To paraphrase one of his segments where he talks about not being where you want to be in life; he said, “How are you going to sleep like a baby knowing you have work to do and goals to achieve? How can you sleep-in when you’re broke?” I heard that years ago and it was an eye opener for me.  

The people you see that are successful only sleep 5-6 hours a night. They rarely lounge around. You can’t be successful and watch every game or Netflix series. You could watch shows and play games on your phone until you die and still never see everything you want to see.  

We are flooded with media. I started figuring out what worked and what didn’t. It honestly took way too long to figure this out, so I hope that this helps you so you don’t have to go through all the shit that I did. We don’t have to die worker bees. That’s just what this system is designed to produce.  

At the heart of a BAND NERD is an individual with passion. That same passion can be used for pursuing your own true dream, not some expectation placed on you by the world or your family. A BAND NERD realizes that you can make your own family of likeminded-NERDS to hang out with while you plan your escape from the hive.  

WE ARE BAND NERDS. We are the cool family members that smoke, drink and stop by during random holidays to systematically drop mics. We aren’t fake as fuck. Those fake people are the ones you see on the daily news. We are the same online as we are in person. We don’t get along with everyone, but we aren’t bad people. Family members may be embarrassed to have us around, or, worried about what we will say next. We are just passionate; and small talk kills us slowly. We are the “plus-one” that people worry about.  

As a BAND NERD, we keep our circles small. We don’t hate, we work hard. We don’t envy possessions; we go out there and get it. We don’t kill ourselves because that would make too many people happy.