Railhead Saloon Magic: A new beginning

Things have been different since Sdot left the family. I really felt like we were family but I haven’t heard from him since. Sdot was an extra in the “Glass House” video. He was a fan before a member. Cam (Cameron Green) was the original drummer of WE ARE BAND NERDS. When Cameron and the original bass player Mark left the band Sdot joined. I joined shortly after. Sdot left the band and Cam rejoined. It may seem like a lot of shuffling but everything did happen for a reason. We have six people in this band. It’s taken a little bit for us to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. See most people are surrounded by yes men. Those people won’t give their true opinions because they worry about losing their connect. The yes men depend on you so they just feed your ego. These yes men will never tell you when you are making a bad decision. These yes men won’t call you out on your bullshit. They won’t tell you when your fucking up or be brutally honest with you. We had tons of meetings and conversations to take ourselves to the next level. Luckily WE ARE BAND NERDS so we aren’t yes men. We had a bunch of arguments, it wasn’t pretty, and it wasn’t fun. But like anything you care about it’s worth fighting for. Just like any relationship we had some shit we had to get out to move on. I’m not going to discuss what we went over I just want to say what the outcome was. After all the practices, meetings and arguments we finally arrived at the Railhead Saloon. We love the Railhead Saloon. It’s like our Cheers. I wish we lived closer. We would hang out there all the time. We feel at home there. The regulars love us, and we love them. I knew that this show was really important to the future of this band. We needed to find that on stage magic that we used to have. We needed to get that spark back. If one place could do that for us it could only be the Railhead Saloon because they have magic. The set started off great then started to crash. Things weren’t coming together as good as we had practiced. I couldn’t hear Dj Los or Scullie. My bass guitar got knocked out of tune because Tony bumped into my tuning keys. Sprinkle on some random technical difficulties and there we were trying to get back on course. Fuck man. Fuck. There in the middle of the set I knew we had to bring it back. Once we started playing “Fade Away” I felt it. The spark lit, the crowd lit up, and we lit up. I felt the aura form around my band. The aura that can only be granted by true BAND NERDS that appreciate every note, and every word. We had that connection with the crowd where they got it. They understood what we mean when we say “Not just music”. We were pouring out our souls up there. Like any good family would they picked us up when we were down. They kept us going. Thank you Railhead Saloon! I’m hoping to find a Cheers like this Dallas/Ft. Worth but you can’t force magic.