Squad Trauma

 This is a tough read. Anyone faint of heart. Easily triggered or ready to snap may need to stop here. Ever Since I saw my first festival I knew the main stage was meant for me. I played hella shows and stages with all you fellas. Then I hit the main stage, bigger stages. Then sleeping in cars. Then broke. Then beyond broke. Then looking around like wtf happened to everyone throughout the years. Man Squad. That’s all I gotta say. One snake at a time squad. We just cut em off, and look forward. We may be a wore out lion laying down at the base of a tree but we are waiting for an opportunity to show the world what we got. I see you squad members. Each of you deserve the biggest stage. Iron sharpens iron. Let’s get these dreams homies. In order to do that we have to keep each other alive. Let’s stay alive together. “I was in the Army and dealt with depression. I’m also submerged in the artistic community. The LGTBQ community and every community that is oppressed. In order to heal from trauma it takes some form of therapy. We need to heal. Beyond that, trying to avoid things that remind you of the traumatic events is tough. So many have become desensitized to murder. When someone is choking my homie to death it should immediately initiate a response to protect. But it seems that we are supposed to act like an NPC (random civilian) on GTA5?! I dealt with trauma similar to this. When someone you know is murdered your life changes. I had to share, and discuss similar tragedies because of my vision. I don’t want to watch any of it to be honest. Thanks”. Sandman. This was in reference to a link I posted about a suspicious hanging in Houston. Stay safe out there squad \m/