“Why are we BAND NERDS”

We are band nerds, and many people ask what the name is about. After talking with the members I’ll put my spin on it here. We are the outcasts, socially awkward kids that never really grew up. We still have day jobs but we are only there physically because mentally we do everything for music. Music was there for us when no one else was. When we would get made fun of at school for being in the band or liking music that was looked down on. Lugging around band equipment like an albatross feeling ashamed that you had the passion for music. See some people just let the radio or some random playlist determine what they listen to but a band nerd says “fuck you I know exactly what I want to listen to”. As a Band Nerd we dive into every aspect of the music we like, we know the members names, important dates, what gear was used: guitars, pedals, amps, strings, speakers, tubes... all the stories, every lyric to every song, how to play every note. Music consumes a band nerd, and every day we wait for the opportunity to enjoy music, talk about music, practice music, write music, go to shows and perform.