QT Dual Wielding Registers

I try to seek out fellow Nerds whenever I notice one. I’ve been playing music for 26 years and in those years I’ve seen the effects that listening to music has had on people. It provides them the outlet they needed to pour out their soul just as the artist did when they wrote it. As a BAND NERD you know we can hear a song and immediately draw an emotion from it. Songs put a stamp on our lives and create memories with us. Years later when we hear an older song it brings back memories of when you were first listening to it on repeat. We feel connected to the music and the musicians because we relate to the artist. As a BAND NERD we say fuck that mindless drone bee music that everyone else listens to. We want something with substance and heart. Music that matches how we feel because we aren’t fake as fuck. We don’t just gather pollen for the Queen, we have bigger goals. We know that our current situation is only a stepping stone, we find hope and motivation in music. We get in our cars and crank up “AMERICAN TRASH” on the commute to our shitty job to scream the lyrics “fuck this 9-5!!!, fuck my supervisor, fuck HR, fuck you Rhonda!!! With your stupid shirt!!!! Fuck relationships, fuck it all, I fucking quit!!!”. Side note: I wonder what was on Rhonda’s stupid shirt? Music is a form of therapy, and the music we create provides something that nothing else can. If these BAND NERDS song’s help you get through the day then take a moment to share that joy with someone once you recognize that they are a fellow NERD. I’ll end with these lyrics from Dreamer that I’ve shed many tears over. This was definitely written for us BAND NERDS “Every night I dream that I’m a rockstar, bright lights in my face, watch me rock the stage getting paid. But every day I wake up where the rocks are, at the bottom like a slave on this 9-5 I hate. But I just want some love when the time comes. Let me know you care when I’m tryna share my feelings, get your head up out the clouds now, I need you to come down now, quit wasting your time, because you know very well, it’s all in your mind, and we ain’t got the time for dreamers.... all day I think of, can’t wait til I get the fuck up out of here” WABN-Dreamer

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