"they have breathed some new life into the dusty static tones of Nu-Metal with their own take on this cross of genres"

Sian Dian 

Forget Me Nots Review- loud-stuff.com




We Are Band Nerds


We Are Band Nerds (WRBN) is a six-piece Nu Metal band representing Dallas, Texas. The self-
proclaimed “leaders of the Nu school” have taken a modern day approach to a classic genre, 
with their energetic stage presence, genre-bending style, and a raw no-holds-barred sound to 
Not only is this band an authentic breath of fresh air, they are literally the unadulterated visceral 
truth that today’s landscape of modern-day music, has been longing for. 
Their debut album, Forget Me Not's, originally released February 2018, features the singles: 
Whore, Savage, and Fade Away. 

According to We Are Band Nerds, the album is, “A reflection of where we are at the moment. It 
is a glimpse into our personal lives and the evolution of our music

WRBN Released their hard- hitting hit single, Zombie in 2016 which has currently amassed over 
325,000+ views on YouTube. 

Their effortlessly fluid combination of cypher-worthy bars and melodic hooks, sprinkled over 
hard hitting rock riffs, have helped the band net appearances at the culture-defining, world-wide 
celebrated Afro Punk Music Festival.

It has also facilitated an exclusive opportunity for WRBN to perform at the 
legendary, ShipRocked Cruise where bands and guests are well-known to “rock hard & vacation 
Often described by their fans as, “Deftones meets Outkast,” We Are Band Nerds are actually 
influenced by an eclectic and multi-genre’d plethora of music. Not only are they inspired by, but 
they have also shared the stage with artists such as: Hed PE, Alien Ant Farm, Dope, Motorgrater, 
Rittz, Fire From The Gods, DangerKids, Halestorm, Asking Alexandria, DED, Living Colour, 
Hyro The Hero, and Of Mice and Men. 

The, We Are Band Nerds sound, but more specifically, their lyrics are known to tackle the real- 
life socio-economic, cultural and sometimes political perspectives of poor & middle-class 

minorities. Examining the effects of relationships, racism, and poverty is a symbiotic musical 
exploration that this band enthusiastically welcomes. 
The brilliance of We Are Band Nerds is that, not only are they incredibly talented with an 
audience- enticing live performance; they are also compassionate, inspirational & committed to 
providing relatable, motivational commentary on life and the American Dream.












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I can tell they are more technically proficient than other guys in metal that rap. ”