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Sandman's Thoughts


Shiprocked, the calm before the storm 
It may seem like we’ve been quiet but we’ve been battling some hellacious demons. Many that all of you face. We are trying to keep our head up and are looking forward to Shiprocked. This will be the biggest show I’ve ever played. I’ve been listening to Hyro the Hero, they are sick and I can’t wait to see them live. I also saw Papa roach and Asking Alexandria live the other day, Asking Alexandria will be on Shiprocked in February with us too. It’s almost unbelievable, I had someone tell me “you should be way more excited than you are...”. We are so excited all we want to do is show the world what we got. We are steadily hustling and writing songs, studying, working, grinding, practicing, talking, strategizing... Here lately I’m hearing more new metal on the radio so I’m hoping that people start wanting to support numetal more. I think our approach is different than those pioneers that came before us and I know that we have already left our stamp on this world. Thank you all so much for supporting us and purchasing merchandise. Thanks for coming to shows because many people don’t get out anymore. Live music is dying and all these shows are pay to play so how is any band supposed to survive? Here’s the typical Dallas show run down, you want to open up for a big band coming through town cool, I’m gonna need you to sell 50 tickets at $25 a pop. You’ll get $5 for every ticket you sell. You gotta sell at least 30, money is due before the set times will be established. More ticket sales equal a better slot. Damn sorry not sorry you have a day job load in is at 4pm, you go on at midnight. Maybe 8:30.... still waiting. No-one pays to get into these venues because everyone knows everyone. Tons of people get free drinks so these bars constantly lose money and close down. Any everyone wonders why their favorite band breaks up. Everyone wonders why their favorite venue closes down. The alternative is you play a show where you are lucky if your band makes $75 total. But the Tribute bands are doing great so at least we still have that.

August 23rd 2019 

I’ve been playing bass for most of my life, and I’ve enjoyed music my entire life. Through all these years I’ve seen the passion for music destroy more than it’s healed. I know people say that music is the best therapy but it’s not the same as true therapy. Music can heal the pain temporarily but once the high is gone then the pain just comes back stronger. This cycle continues and drives many musicians into a narcissistic state. These musicians feed the music their heart and soul, they pour everything they have into it and sacrifice their friends, family and careers over it. I know that it takes deep emotions to write many of the songs and lyrics that artists put out, then when the success comes and goes the pain and depression can set back in. There’s a love/hate relationship between the musician and the pain because they feel like they need it to write music. This is what causes musicians to delay getting help. I think the intense musical relationship to the notes and songs comes from a deep understanding of where the writer was at emotionally when they wrote the songs. As a writer capturing those emotions and feelings in the music is a great release, and it gives closure or allows the artist to express something that they couldn’t just outright say. One of my favorite authors is Frank Kafka, he expressed himself through writing and struggled in the same way that many artists struggle today. Stay strong, and always give life one more day, suicide is not an option. We are Band Nerds. “One of the first signs of the beginning of understanding is the wish to die” Kafka

August 9 2019 

We are band nerds, and many people ask what the name is about. After talking with the members I’ll put my spin on it here. We are the outcasts, socially awkward kids that never really grew up. We still have day jobs but we are only there physically because mentally we do everything for music. Music was there for us when no one else was. When we would get made fun of at school for being in the band or liking music that was looked down on. Lugging around band equipment like an albatross feeling ashamed that you had the passion for music. See some people just let the radio or some random playlist determine what they listen to but a band nerd says “fuck you I know exactly what I want to listen to”. As a Band Nerd we dive into every aspect of the music we like, we know the members names, important dates, what gear was used: guitars, pedals, amps, strings, speakers, tubes... all the stories, every lyric to every song, how to play every note. Music consumes a band nerd, and every day we wait for the opportunity to enjoy music, talk about music, practice music, write music, go to shows and perform.